Behind the Scenes - Una Pizza Napoletana

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Closeup photograph of pizzas in the style of Rembrandt Van Rijn.
Dreamy Pizzas photographed with inspiration from Rembrandt Van Rijn.
For this photoshoot at Una Pizza Napoletana in NYC I wanted to create a dreamy Rembrandt like aesthetic. We were shooting during service and I made my setup on a prep table in the kitchen. I was using an LED light that was made up of hundreds of little light bulbs as opposed to one big bulb. This creates a softer light. On top of that I put a soft box, and on top of that another sheet of diffusion, and on top of that I placed a negative fill card to make the light source even smaller. For the lens I chose Canon's 100m macro. This allowed me to compress the space which made these three dimensional objects appear more flat like a painting and it allowed me to focus in on small details in the food. The arugula sitting on top. The leopard like bubble of the crust. Puddle of melted mozzarella waiting to be devoured.
Food photography of cheese melted in a pizza.

Imagine that pizza melting in your mouth.

Detail photograph of a salad at Una Pizza Napoletana in NYC

Closeup detail of a salad. Shot with a 100m macro lens.

A group of food dishes with moody light at a restaurant.

A spread of food at Una Pizza Napoletana in NYC.

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Will Engelmann
 Food Photography

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Will is a food photographer based in New York City.