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I am a New York based food photographer, avid motorcyclist and lover of the creative process. I've worked in the industry for 10+ years and in that time I've had almost every job imaginable but now I specialize in photographing food, portraiture and drinks. I'm one lucky guy that I get to do the work that I love.

A photographer never works alone and the work presented here is the culmination of the hard work of countless chefs, bartenders, food stylists, restaurateurs, creative directors, food writers, producers, and somebody had to wash the dishes too. I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity so far to work with a lot of talented people and I'm excited for the opportunity to work with many more.

And before anybody asks the answer is yes. I can fit 'All of that' on my motorcycle.

If you're interested let's talk more.

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  • Will Engelmann behind the camera.
  • Will's Motorcycle loaded with camera equipment.
  • Behind the Scenes photograph of a cocktail being photographed.
  • A motorcycle made out of pasta.
  • Portrait of a motorcycle.
  • Portrait of Will Engelmann.
  • Behind the scenes view of food being photographed at an italian restaurant in Brooklyn.
  • A behind the scenes view of a burger being photographed in a photo studio.
  • Portrait of the Photographer Will Engelmann wearing an apron and cutting a panettone with a grinder.
  • Will Engelmann behind the camera photographing food at the restaurant Feroce
Will Engelmann
 Food Photography

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Will is a food photographer based in New York City.