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People reaching for a feast of food at Shuka in New York City.
The front of house staff's arms posing for a photograph (Not pictured. Them devouring the food)
The great thing about being a food photographer is that just about every person on this planet Loves food. There are a few rare exceptions and a lot of people who have a love hate relationship with food but an affinity for food is pretty universal. I love that people love food and I love that when I show up to a restaurant to photograph the food the staff and customers get excited. A photoshoot is an excuse for a feast and while I 'try' as hard as I can not to eat while I'm working I love watching people voraciously devour every last bite when the photoshoot is over. I had to torture the waitstaff at Shuka for a couple minutes first to get this shot but once we had it they went to town.

All food by the amazingly talented Chef Ayesha Rae.

A perfectly arranged plate of tzatziki by Chef Ayesha Rae.

Ayesha's Tzatziki is devine.

Delicious greek food at the restaurant Shuka.

How does she do that?

Greek tomato filled with labne.

Hungry? I know a place in SoHo that has the best Greek food.

Eggplant sitting in a bed of hummus.

Eggplant sitting in a bed of hummus.

A traditional Greek drink being poured at Shuka.

Immaginative cocktail being poured.

Colorful drinks at Shuka.

Colorful drinks at Shuka.

Behind the scenes of food being photographed at Shuka.

BTS of my camera setup in the back room of Shuka.

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Will Engelmann
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Will is a food photographer based in New York City.