Behind the Scenes - Feroce

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Francesco Panella posing for a portrait at his restaurant Antica Pesa in Brooklyn.
A stopmotion video of a waitor cutting pepper over pasta.

Feroce is a really fun restaurant to shoot food photography for because they do a lot of really creative imaginative things with their food. It’s very much about the theater of being a customer in a restaurant and having these fun dishes brought out to you. Whether it’s fire, or smoke, a table side gelato or tartare cart I’m always continually still surprised by what they present to me to photograph.

These videos aren't technically videos. They're a series of still photographs that I shot rapid fire and stiched together in post. But that's really what a video is, it's just a matter of how many frames per second that video has. Shooting this way allows for a more forgiving process and if something doesn't go as planned it easier to either drop a frame or two or retouch the oops out. And it's a cute fun way that I can help my clients to advertise their businesses and showoff their creativity.
smokey fish dish with steam rising off it at a restaurant.

Smoke rising off a swordfish dish for a customer.

Bartender mixing a creative cocktail in NYC

The head bartender Pietro making an imaginative cocktail.

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Will Engelmann
 Food Photography

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Will is a food photographer based in New York City.