Behind the Scenes - Casa Lever - What metal rod?

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Pasta with a basil garnish photographed in front of Warhol's artwork at Casa Lever in New York City
Pasta posing for a portrait in front of artwork by Warhol.
Casa Lever is an upscale Italian restaurant in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. When I arrived they had a VIP guest in their PDR and wanted to wait for the guest to leave to begin the photoshoot. After some time Iacopo the chef let me set up my camera equipment and take some test shots. I was trying to find a good angle that show cased the food and caught a glimpse of the restaurants collection of Warhol Paintings. If they have a Warhol I really should at least try to get one in the shot. Right before I took this photograph the VIP and his entourage walked through the shot leaving the restaurant. A waiter turned to me and said "that's A-Rod." To which I said "what metal rod?" Days later I was reading an article in the news app about how A-Rod was dating J-Low and I realized that the beautiful woman that he was with was probably Jennifer Lopez.

The moral of this story is if I'm not hired to photograph it... it doesn't exist.

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A salad at the restaurant Casa Lever.

Jennifer Lopez walked through this shot and I had no clue who she was.

Will Engelmann
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Will is a food photographer based in New York City.