Behind the Scenes - Francesco Panella

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Francesco Panella posing for a portrait at his restaurant Antica Pesa in Brooklyn.
Francesco eating lasagna at Antica Pesa.

I've known and worked with Francesco and the Panella family for several years now. The father and older brother run Antica Pesa Roma in Italy and the two brothers Francesco and Lorenzo run Antica Pesa in Williamsburg and Feroce in Manhattan.

It's really great as a photographer to be lucky enough to work with such talented people and to get to know them by having a continued relationship photographing their restaurant as it changes over the years. In addition to photographing their food Francesco once had me photograph his collection of vintage football jerseys worn by famous football players because he's Italian, and of course he owns a collection of vintage football Jerseys. And that's the sort of detail that really makes my job and the work that I do rewarding and something that I'm constantly drawn back to again and again.

Francesco and his Brother Lorenzo Panella watching a football match.

Francesco and His brother Lorenzo taking a break in the middle of a photoshoot to watch their favorite Football team lose a match.

Italian pulpo or squid on a table at Antica Pesa in Brooklyn

Dreamy Pulpo.

Food photography detail shot of the layers of lagana

All the lasgana layers.

A bartender setting a raspberry garnish on a cocktail.

Cocktail getting garnished.

Two glasses of champaign sitting in fron of the fire.

Champaign for two by the fire.

Closeup photography of a slider photographed for a brand partnership with Pat la Frida.

Slider photographed for a brand partnership with Pat la Frida.

Foodporn detail of ravioli being pulled apart.

Getting that Foodporn shot. Ravioli being pulled apart.

Filet of meat sitting on a table at an Italian restaurant.

Dreamy filet.

Very Italian spaghetti pasta rolled up for a photography shoot

It's all in the presentation.

A spoonfull of gelato posing for the camera.

Gelato up close.

Slice of lasagna at the restaurant Antica Pesa in New York City

All the layers of lasagana.

A gelato dessert being photographed as coffee is being poured on top.

An imaginative dessert getting a espresso pour over.

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